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Why do you need a Welcome Book / Guest Book for your Airbnb, Booking, VRBO?

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

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Whenever we update our browsers, it's as if a fresh invention or technological solution emerges. From tools stopping disturbances at gatherings to digital channel supervisors, numerous advanced products exist to aid in overseeing your vacation rental business. Considering the multitude of innovative options available, what sets apart the decision to invest in a digital welcome book?

We consider digital welcome books as an ideal fusion of personal touch and professionalism. They handle the practicalities of a guest's stay while also offering a glimpse into your perspective of the destination. In an industry deeply rooted in personal connections, what holds more significance?

Not certain about the advantages of having a digital welcome book? Keep reading to discover our three compelling reasons why your property shouldn't overlook this essential tool and we will give you a solution that will get your property to the next level.

1. Welcome / Guest Books improves the guests' experience Airbnb

Could you provide instructions on adjusting the thermostat? Where can we find the nearest grocery store or pharmacy? Are there any specific check-out procedures or requirements?

Digital welcome books serve as a centralized repository for intricate details. Rather than dispatching the access code via email, affixing dishwasher guidelines to a wall, and delineating the linen closet's whereabouts in a welcome letter, you can direct guests to a singular source encompassing all requisite information. Moreover, they have the convenience of sharing this digital welcome book with other members of their group, ensuring everyone remains informed. Welcome book airbnb

Visitors often have lots of questions. Sometimes, when they keep calling or emailing, it feels like they like bothering you. But the truth is, most guests don't like asking for help. They'd rather have all the answers they need in one go than keep bothering you with each question separately.

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2. Welcome / Guest Book is always with your guests

A classic welcome book often stays unused until guests physically pick it up, sadly ending up collecting dust on a table.

But with a digital welcome guide, your guests can access it as soon as they book by clicking a link. Sharing your insights in advance sets the stage for a fantastic vacation even before their arrival.

Moreover, your recommendations will be right at your guests' fingertips throughout their stay. This means they can explore your recommended eateries while on the move or discover local spots without extensive research beforehand. And if they prefer a paper version, they can always print the PDF.

3. Essential Welcome Book: Elevating Your Guest Experience

As vacation rentals become more professional, guests expect more from hosts.

They're not just looking for a place to stay; they want hosts who are helpful and know about the area.

If you've seen Netflix's show Stay Here, you'll notice they always talk about the importance of a guidebook. They emphasize having a digital version that guests can use to discover the place.

When you opt for a digital welcome book from the start, it's not just an extra digital copy of your print version.

4. Your Ideal Welcome Book Solution

We will craft a highly professional Welcome Book designed to boost your bookings and elevate your rating!

Choosing a Welcome Book service over handling it yourself ensures a professional touch that saves you time and guarantees a top-tier experience for your guests. Crafting a comprehensive and enticing Welcome Book demands attention to detail, understanding of guest needs, and design finesse. Our service excels in curating these elements, allowing you to focus on your property while we expertly shape a tailored guide that elevates your guest experience.

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How it works?

Choose from our selection of 10 beautifully crafted templates, each designed to elevate your property's appeal. Once you've made your choice, proceed to the checkout and complete your purchase. After you've acquired your chosen template, you'll receive a form that allows us to understand your property's unique character and requirements.

From there, our expert team will work diligently to transform the template into a personalized masterpiece that perfectly suits your property. We'll craft the text, design, and layout, ensuring it complements your listing seamlessly. But the best part is, you won't be left in the dark – we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

We'll provide you with a link to the project, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with us and make any adjustments or refinements you desire. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to bring your vision to life.

We understand your time is valuable, and your peace of mind matters. Rest assured, we're committed to delivering your project promptly. Typically, the process takes between 1 to 3 days, depending on our workload. We'll keep you informed throughout, and if, for any reason, we can't meet the promised timeline, we'll refund 100% of the money you paid for the template.

Choose us, and let your property shine with a personalized touch that sets it apart from the rest.

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